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Do you require Web Support? With my 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, I have hired many different web builders. That often did not work out satisfactorily so I started learning to build a website myself. I have built many and am learning more and more. I started experimenting in WordPress and it worked quite well.

Currently, I still enjoy building websites myself. However, I do not like all aspects, because sometimes there is more technology involved. Within my team I have a great builder who is also a programmer. If there are any glitches or other problems, it is solved immediately. With our team we can also deliver custom made websites and web shops with everything this entail.

In my video module 10 “Websites and domains” I go deeper into the choices you can make and how you can outsmart google with different domains and obtain a high ranking. I will give you the best tips and Web Support and SEO support.

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A nice website or shop is great but ultimately, it’s about findability in Google. And you have to be smart about that. Many companies tried to help me, but only few succeeded! It cost a lot of money and yielded little. Again, this led me to work on findability, or SEO, myself. Just listen to my video module 11, where I explain how to dominate Google’s top ten. Take my advice and Web Support to improve quickly.

Moreover, for SEO support and SEA, I have a top team member who knows exactly how to tackle things so that your website can be found quickly. After all, everything is about being seen and found on the Internet. I only work hands-on with one goal in mind, and that is to get your website or online store positioned as quickly as possible, as high as possible on Google. I can help you with that, nothing is too crazy for us. We take on every challenge!

Check out the videos and take my Web and SEO knowledge. If you really want customized advice and help for your website or findability, book Private Business Consulting with me. You can purchase a package of several hours per month in which I speak to you face to face.

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Bart Elders, from the Netherlands

I got in touch with Marc through a friend. We hit it off immediately and I was helped very well with arranging everything to set up my business in Dubai. His support on a lot of things was really super well arranged. Fine and fast communication. It is also nice that I had only 1 point of contact and could stay in touch through the business WhatsApp number, very convenient. Of course, I also watched the videos from which I also got a lot of useful tips and am more aware of certain things. Was also responded to quickly. Thanks Marc!

Collin Brasley from the UK

I came across Marc via the internet. He has a lot of knowledge and experience (I have seen all his video’s), unbelievable, and he gave me many personal, useful tips. His vision on certain things got me thinking and I did make some adjustments in my strategy. Marc coached me very well and helped and explained how to set up my website and how to be found on Google. I even arranged my health insurance through Marc with a German insurer. I will stay in contact with him because for me it is a real added value! Highly recommended!

Koen van Opstalen from Belgium

Before I knew my way around Dubai a bit, I was several weeks away. When I was looking for a company to help me arrange everything, I saw Marc come by. I watched his videos and really benefited from them. Separate perspective and definitely very helpful to me. I also had a lot of contact with his business app that I subscribed to for several months, very helpful when I was stuck with something I couldn’t figure out on my own. Soon he will also help me with a new web shop. He also figured out and took care of many different things for me, like social media set up, and helped with the SEO. Top guy for me.

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