Dubai is a city located in the United Arab Emirates and is known for its luxurious lifestyle and modern architecture. The climate in Dubai is characterized as a desert climate, which means it has hot and dry summers and mild winters.

The summer months in Dubai, which run from May to September, are extremely hot and humid with temperatures averaging around 40°C during the day and 30°C at night. However, the humidity levels can make it feel much hotter, which can be uncomfortable for some people. During these months, it is important to stay hydrated and wear light clothing to prevent heat exhaustion.

The winter months in Dubai, which run from December to March, are much milder with temperatures ranging from 14°C to 24°C. These months are a popular time for tourists to visit Dubai, as the weather is pleasant and there are many outdoor activities and events to enjoy.

Dubai also experiences occasional rainfall, which mainly occurs during the winter months. The average annual rainfall in Dubai is around 100 mm, which is quite low compared to other regions.

In recent years, Dubai has been experiencing an increase in temperatures due to climate change, which has resulted in more frequent and intense heatwaves. To combat this, the government has implemented various initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable practices.

Overall, the climate in Dubai is characterized by hot and dry summers and mild winters, making it an ideal destination for those who enjoy warm weather and outdoor activities. However, visitors should be prepared for the heat and take appropriate measures to stay cool and hydrated during the summer months.