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Private Business Consult

Private Business Consulting by marc

When do you need Private Business Consulting? In my knowledge videos, I have incorporated the most relevant topics and provided the basic information on starting and managing a business. There are, of course, many other important topics. Also, you may have started a business and have run into some issues that are not going well or that you don’t know about, or you want to start a new activity or restructure your business or have a fresh look at it objectively. For all of the above, you can book Private Business Consulting with me for a package of a few hours per month. We can meet online by video via Teams, or face to face in Dubai.

If you are looking for more help with the complete Business Set-up, we can set up an appointment to discuss what you would like to have done. Think Visa, ID, Bank accounts, etc. Please get in touch via the contact form. I always respond quickly!

20-minute of free info chat or call

To find out if and how I can help you, please send me an app with your request or questions. I always respond quickly and a free informational phone call can be arranged if desired. This is of course completely non-committal.

Silver Package

Basic start-up advice

Hours available:

8 hours – 4 sessions

AED 11,600

Gold Package

Standard Support and advice

Hours available:

16 hours – 8 sessions (-10%)

AED 20,880

Platinum Package

Complete Support and advice

Hours available:

16 hours – 8 sessions (in first month) (-15%)
+2 hours monthly during 12 months

AED 49,300

Extra hours: AED 1,450 per hour

Other services business set-up (visa, ID, Bank accounts, licenses), world health insurance, web and SEO, Real Estate broker services, Money transfers, all on request on

Exclusive business subscription

ALWAYS HAVE YOUR PRIVATE BUSINESS COACH ON THE SIDELINE! Now there is a unique and exclusive opportunity to stay in touch with Marc 1 on 1 via a personal business WhatsApp chat. Permanent online Business Coaching. Are you struggling with something, want a second opinion or you need advice in the coming period? Then this is for you!

These subscriptions are limited!

Price only AED 885 a month for minimum 3 months